From: "Daniel C. Sobral" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:55:16 -0300

> I myself questioned the wisdom of using Forth at the time, and Jordan 
> simply replied I was free to find a more popular language with a freely 
> available interpreter that would fit in as small a space as FICL did.

I also have to question the assertion that the community of people who
understand or have even a passing familiarity with this sort of thing
[a forth-based loader] is miniscule.  OpenBoot, for example, is
entirely forth-based (c.f. Mitch Bradley). Every machine Sun has ever
shipped in any serious quantity has OpenBoot as its loader.  Every
machine Apple has shipped within recent memory also has OpenBoot as
its loader.  Between those two companies, they have shipped millions
of OpenBoot-using machines and have a combined userbase which probably
exceeds FreeBSD's by quite a few million.

FreeBSD is simply following an well-established trend for boot loaders
here rather than going its own way, and if we were to use Ruby as our
boot loader then I'm sure a lot of Japanese people would be very happy
but it would also make us utterly unique, a decision of even more
questionable wisdom.

- Jordan

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