Samuel Tardieu wrote:
> Or why is BSD make used when the vast majority of Free Software developpers
> use GNU make?

1)      It actually works

2)      It can operate with a Bourne shell, and does not depend
        on bash-isms

3)      The files created to use it are more portable to other
        operating systems

4)      It results in very terse (small) files, so even a full
        rewrite for a new OS's strange new/old "make" doesn't
        cost much more

5)      It does dependencies right, so I can change 1 file out
        of a quarter of a million, and it does the right thing,
        instead of rebuilding everything

6)      It does not have an onerous license

7)      It is strongly maintained

8)      It is easily ported to other operating systems, once
        you get over the stupid err()/errx() crap.

9)      It is known to run on about 60 different UNIX variants

10)     Inertia

> Yes, this is a troll. No, it doesn't need a followup. I just don't buy
> the 1% argument, it reminds me too much of what people say about the systems
> I use.

In order: Yet it was.  Yes it does.  Grow a thick skin.  8-).

-- Terry

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