Jim Bryant wrote:

> Dave Cornejo wrote:
>> you wrote:
>>> And just for the record: PERL is right out (of space) for this 
>>> purpose...
>> as I assume emacs would be too? :-(
> Hey now!  Them's fightin' words!  :^)
> Emacs makes the sun shine,
> Emacs makes the birds sing,
> Emacs makes the grass grow green!
> chsh -s /usr/local/bin/emacs root
> So what if FreeBSD can run on a 4 meg machine once it's booted, if it 
> can't use eight megs while booting, and do your laundry for you at the 
> same time!
> Emacs r0x!

OF course, emacs would be a little large and bloated, no matter how much I like it, or 
you like it, but, you do bring up a viable 
alternative to FORTH [which is unlikely to be scrapped in the bootloader], and so far, 
it may be the only viable alternative 
discussed so far, and that is LISP.

LISP can be implemented in a tiny form, it is the OLDEST high-level language in 
computing, it has a LARGE base of programmers, and 
it is easy to learn.  Full Common-LISP wouldn't be necessary for a bootloader, only a 
reasonable subset.

EMACS may be large, some will say bloated, but it is a tribute to the sheer 
flexibility of the LISP language.

I doubt if the bootloader will ever change from FORTH, but if it does, I suggest LISP 
as the preferred choice on a short-list of 
potential replacements.

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