This doesn't indicate that you were cracked if it was anonymous FTP.

You may have been scanned for open ports, and it appears that they took advantage of 
your FTP being open.

Set up logging via the inetd.conf line (man ftpd for options).  Then you can at least 
use ipf or ipfw to ban the domains that were 

P. U. (Uli) Kruppa wrote:

> Hi,
> sorry for cross-mailing two lists!
> I am running -CURRENT (ok - though I do not know anything
> about computers) and just found about about 624 MB trash in
> my /var/ftp -  this is my anonymous-ftp -directory.
> It was disposed in a sub-directory
> ../incoming/tagged/byDj-krok .
> What can I do (besides deleting this stuff)?
> Uli.

     ET has one helluva sense of humor!
He's always anal-probing right-wing schizos!

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