P. U. (Uli) Kruppa([EMAIL PROTECTED])@2001.09.12 17:52:23 +0000:
> Hi,
> sorry for cross-mailing two lists!
> I am running -CURRENT (ok - though I do not know anything
> about computers) and just found about about 624 MB trash in
> my /var/ftp -  this is my anonymous-ftp -directory.
> It was disposed in a sub-directory
> ../incoming/tagged/byDj-krok .

chmod 0 /var/ftp/incoming to run uploading off
chmod 0333 /var/ftp/incoming to disable directory listing of incoming

> What can I do (besides deleting this stuff)?

-> ftpd(8)

or install /usr/ports/ftp/lukemftpd and then
-> ftpd(8), ftpd.conf(5) with man -M/usr/local/man


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