>>>>> "Garrett" == Garrett Wollman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Garrett> I remember, back in the mists of ancient time, it was
    Garrett> common practice to provide ``anonymous UUCP'' service
    Garrett> along the lines of anonymous FTP in (what was at that
    Garrett> time) ARPANET.  

Yup, I used to run one of those (ncc). osu-cis was probably the
grandaddy of the anonymous UUCP sites. The convention seemed to be to
use the login 'nuucp' for anonymous passwordless access. (And I
wouldn't call it common -- there were only a handful sites that
provided this type of service.)

    Garrett> I find it hard to imagine anyone doing so
    Garrett> today, but OTOH I find it hard to imagine anyone using
    Garrett> UUCP at all today, so it is obviously my imagination
    Garrett> which has failed rather than reality.

UUCP still gets used. It's one of the few sane ways to handle email in
a laptop environment when you're always connecting through different
dialups/ISPs. It has mostly fallen out of favour due to ignorance and
FUD. Which is a shame, as it can still be a useful tool in certain


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