On Mon Oct  1 14:00:56 2001 Garrett Wollman wrote:
> <<On Mon, 01 Oct 2001 11:51:32 -0600, Lyndon Nerenberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > And you should *never* allow remote site UUCP logins (those that run
> > uucico) under the `uucp' login, for obvious security reasons.
> I remember, back in the mists of ancient time, it was common practice
> to provide ``anonymous UUCP'' service along the lines of anonymous FTP
> in (what was at that time) ARPANET.  I find it hard to imagine anyone
> doing so today, but OTOH I find it hard to imagine anyone using UUCP
> at all today, so it is obviously my imagination which has failed
> rather than reality.
> -GAWollman
There are many schools in South Africa who use UUCP for their mail, since
they have dial-up connections.  Organisations like the Western Cape Schools'
Network, and various others provide these UUCP feeds.

There is a software package called Thurn (for MS-DOS) and Taxis (for Win32)
which incluses the UUCP/extended software.  For more informaton
about taxis look @ http://www.wcape.school.za/taxis/

The UUCP solution works well in the educational environment as well as in
corporate environments.  YMMV.


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