On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 09:34:17AM -0600, Nate Williams wrote:
> > POP and IMAP (I think) will lose all the envelope information,
> You've been listening to Terry too long.  It's certainly not the case,
> although I've decided to quit arguing with Terry, since it's an
> excercise in futility.  No matter what you say, he'll either change the
> subject or simply overwhelm you with useless/unrelated material until
> you simply abandon any hope of trying to give out useful information.
> > SMTP is a PUSH operation..
> > 
> > so for a PULL operation that can handle envelope information (e.g. BCC)
> > you need UUCP
> See above.  fetchmail + pop works fine.  I've been  get all of my envelope
> information, and there is no worries.

As long as the informations are put into the mails.
I asume your don't forget to strip these after fetching the mails?
If you do not you distribute those even if not wished by the sender -
e.g. in an bcc case.
pop/fetchmail is an ugly hack in my eyes because it tries to do
something with an protocoll it isn't designed for and it has many

> For 'fetching' email, fetchmail is a very good solution.  However, there
> is also another fairly trivial solution that works well, *IF* you have a
> static IP address.
> ETRN also is a good 'fetch' mechanism, if your ISP sets up MX records
> for you.  When you come up, you simply telnet into your ISP's mail
> server, then type 'ETRN foobar.com', and it'll dump all your email to
> the IP address of your static configuration.

That's unpolite to all mailservers trying to reach yours first.
If you know your mailserver is unreachable don't put it in the MX set.
Ask your provider to set up a mailertable entry to your server instead.
If your provider uses an expansive tagged mailer he can even spare the
first try if it's required - this is nice for call-back lines.

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