Hi Warner,

From: Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 10:36:00 -0700
::: Now my pccard-modem gets attached as sio2, instead of sio3 like few days
::: ago which seemed bogus, because my system don't have sio2!
::Interesting.  Do you have a sio2 that is disabled on isa or a sio3
::that's disabled?
::I didn't see these problems on my machine when I tested, so I'm
::interested to see why/how they happen.

I don't have any settings done for either sio2 nor sio3.
My pccard modem used to attach as sio2, until pcic related changes were
made on early June, that caused it to attach as sio3. But I didn't bother
repoting back then.
There may have been some interaction related problem between kernel pccard
code and pccardd that was corrected by this commit.

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