On 07-Oct-01 Terry Lambert wrote:
> As to the work itself, I have been avoiding it, since we have
> a new person at ClickArray whose "trial by fire" is building
> an updated "developer workstation release CDROM" based on the
> FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE plus our heavily modified kernel code,
> and our distribution package for our current release product
> (i.e. a CDROM that can be used to install engineering desktop
> machines, and can also be used as a "golden master" for the
> release engineering process).
> As soon as he has successfully been mentored through this
> process (which involves many local patches, some of which I
> posted to you, and which must be manually integrated, since
> the FreeBSD "add patches during ``make release''" doesn't
> work if you are patching the top level release Makefile), I
> will be able to turn my attention to it without stepping on
> his toes or his learning process.

Actually, while that is painful, it's not that hard to work around.  You need
your big honkin' patch file that you list in LOCAL_PATCHES and then you need to
patch src/release/Makefile manually before you kick off the release.  The only
extra step is patching src/release/Makefile manually, and there isn't a good
way to workaround that, since you always have to bootstrap from something. 
I've used this approach many times myself in testing release Makefile changes. 
It's not that hard. :-P


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