On Monday, 10 December 2001 at  0:17:14 -0800, Mike Smith wrote:
>>>>> Still, it's my opinion that these BIOSes are simply broken:
>>> Joerg's personal opinion can go take a hike.  The reality of the
>>> situation is that this table is required, and we're going to put it there.
>> The reality of the situation is far from being clear.  The only thing
>> I can see is that you're trying to dictate things without adequate
>> justification.  You should reconsider that attitude.
> You can't substantiate your argument by closing your eyes, Greg.

No, of course not.  I also can't substantiate my arguments by sticking
my fingers down my throat and shouting "dangerously dedicated!".  But
then, I wasn't doing either.  Read back this thread for the evidence I
have given and which you apparently choose to ignore.

> There's a wealth of evidence against your stance,

Possibly, you just haven't shown it.  What we know so far is that
there are some kludges in the boot loader which can confuse BIOSes;
peter went into some detail earlier on IRC.  Only, they apply both to
systems with Microsoft partitions and those without.  And there are
reports that some Adaptec host adaptors (or, presumably, their BIOSes)
can't handle our particular boot blocks.  It's possible, as peter
suggests, that this is a fixable bug, but every time I mention it, I
get shouted down.  And yes, like Jörg, I don't care enough.  I'm not
saying "ditch the Microsoft partition table", I'm saying "don't ditch
disks without the Microsoft partition table".  Note also that,
although this is so "dangerous", it has never bitten me on any system.

> and frankly, none that supports it other than myopic bigotry ("I
> don't want to do this because Microsoft use this format").

None that you care to remember.

> Are you going to stop using all of the other techniques that we
> share with them?

No.  See above.

What is it about this particular topic brings out such irrational
emotions in you and others?

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