It seems Peter Wemm wrote:
> Yes there are two problems.  The physical failure problem seems to
> be mostly restricted to the 75GXP.  However the electronics/bandwidth/
> density/whatever-it-is problem is uniform across the entire DTLA line.
> We stopped using 75GXP's at work a while back, but we still regularly
> suffer from the electronics/bandwidth/whatever-it-is problem on 30G DTLA
> drives on a daily basis.

It seems this problem only affects the newer versions of the DTLA,
the first models (of which type most of mine are) doesn't seem to
suffer from this problem. The first models looks like the older
DPTA drives, whereas the newer ones has at least a different top cover.

Anyhow, the problem seem to be an electronics malfunction (IBM
doesn't tell exactly) and it is triggered by the drive being
very sensitive to the power supply being top quality.

At any rate I think the hysteria about these drives is somewhat
overrated, but thats only my oppinion...


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