Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :>     etc...  So apparently my warning about these drives in 'man tuning' is
> :>     still appropriate :-)
> :> 
> :>                                    -Matt
> :> 
> :> :> > IBM DTLA drives are known to rotate fast enough near the spindle
> :> :> > that the sustained write speed exceeds the ability of the controller
> :> :> > electronics to keep up, and results in crap being written to disk.
> :
> :
> :I would adssume it actually the tracks FURTHEREST from the spindle..
>     This is the first I've heard of the alleged controller electronics
>     performance problem.  My understanding is that the failures are due 
>     to manufacturing problems, but people have apparently experienced
>     software lockups as well.
>     What is not in doubt is that there have been some severe problems with
>     this model.

Yes there are two problems.  The physical failure problem seems to
be mostly restricted to the 75GXP.  However the electronics/bandwidth/
density/whatever-it-is problem is uniform across the entire DTLA line.
We stopped using 75GXP's at work a while back, but we still regularly
suffer from the electronics/bandwidth/whatever-it-is problem on 30G DTLA
drives on a daily basis.

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