Greg Lehey wrote:

[ ... IBM DTLA drives ... ]

IBM DTLA drives are known to rotate fast enough near the spindle
that the sustained write speed exceeds the ability of the controller
electronics to keep up, and results in crap being written to disk.

This is not often a problem with windows, the FS of shich fills
sectors in towards the spindle, so you only hit the problem when
you near the "disk full" state.

Do a Google/Tom's Hardware search to reassure yourself that I am
not smoking anything.

> > I don't understand the need some people have for using something that is
> > labelled as DANGEROUS.
> I don't understand the need some people have for labelling something
> as DANGEROUS when it works nearly all the time.

It's because you have to reinstall, should you want to add a second
OS at a later date (e.g. Linux, or Windows).

> We don't have many disks which are shared between different platforms,
> but that will change.  As you know, I have the ability to hot swap
> disks between an RS/6000 platform and an ia32 platform.  The RS/6000
> disks will never have a Microsoft partition table on them.  They will
> have BSD partition tables on them.  Why call this dangerous?

Your use is orthogonal to the most common expected usage, which is
disks shared between OSs on a single platform, rather than disks
shared between a single OS on multiple platforms.

-- Terry

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