On google search for:

        deskstar 75gxp class action


    etc...  So apparently my warning about these drives in 'man tuning' is
    still appropriate :-)


:> > IBM DTLA drives are known to rotate fast enough near the spindle
:> > that the sustained write speed exceeds the ability of the controller
:> > electronics to keep up, and results in crap being written to disk.
:> What about the cache?
:Good point.  The cache is known to not actually flush to disk when
:ordered to do so.  See the EXT3FS article on www.ibm.com/developerworks
:for more details.
:> > This is not often a problem with windows, the FS of shich fills
:> > sectors in towards the spindle, so you only hit the problem when you
:> > near the "disk full" state.
:> This sounds very unlikely.
:I know, doesn't it?  Good thing Tom's Hardware is so thorough, or we
:might never have known this, with everyone on the verge of discovering
:it simply dismissing it as "very unlikely".  8^).

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