> On Monday, 10 December 2001 at 17:47:11 -0500, Anthony Schneider wrote:
> > I'm no expert on journaled filesystems, but isn't the freebsd softupdates
> > option similar?
> No, at least not from a technical standpoint.  From a user standpoint,
> they both try to make things faster and more reliable, but they do it
> in very different ways.

Well, perhaps I should have made that clearer:  I am not an expert on either
journaled filesystems not am I an expert on FreeBSD's softupdates option,
technically or other.

> >  perhaps there could be an upgrade to offer
> >     options SOFTERUPDATES
> > as an equal-but-different alternative to jfs?
> And what would that do?

My thoughts were that if the two were similar in effect that it might be
a relatively easy project to escalate towards achieving the same effects
in one as the other.  I understand that this is not necessarily the case.
> Greg


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