Peter Wemm wrote:
> It is not a problem.  The *kernel* does not load jfs.ko, it is loader
> itself. There is no reason why a trivial non-gpl jfs reader couldn't be
> written for boot2 and loader if the need was great enough.  Or have /boot
> as a seperate file system (eg: UFS or FAT32).  We do this on IA64 where
> /boot is a FAT32 filesystem (not exactly, but close enough.  I usually
> mount it on /efi and make /boot/ a symlink to /efi/boot so that in EFI
> we have a /boot as well).

JFS patches?
Sysinstall patches?
/usr/src/lib/stand patches?
/usr/src/sys/boot/* patches?


--- Terry

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