On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :I'm starting to get spam since I joined this list, and the spam is
> :coming from freebsd.org. If I'm reading the headers right, it's coming
> :in through a freebsd.org mail server.
>     Ha.  In the last two weeks the amount of personal spam I receive has
>     gone up exponentially.  I'm getting around 60 a day now.  I'm not
>     surprised that the list is seeing a big increase.
>     I can only hope that our illustrious congress has grown as tired of
>     spam as I have and will fix the law to simply ban it.

I doubt it:
a) the have secretaries (if at all!) to read the mail
b) spam = money

the solution must lie in something with authentication. E.g. everyone
subscribing to this list has to submit his/her pub key and every message
should be signed.
I image this as something like a quasi-moderated list. If you post
something to the list it will first be read by a moderator. If the
moderator agrees on the fact that this is not spam, it _must_ be accepted
to the list and thereby the sig / pub key is inserted into a DB. Future mails
arriving from the just included submitter will be sent to the list without

Thus the moderator is a a one time check for submitters. only people
interested in the subject will pass. spammers wont have the time to get
interested in -current internals. (usually). After passing once you are
free to post as before.

I know many people wont like the idea presented above. But it is the only
reasonable check I can think of that would exclude spam while at the same
time permitting reasonable open access.
Of course I am open to better ideas.

aaron (Vienna)

COSHER = Completely Open Source, Headers, Engineering, and Research

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