my 2 cents worth,

I don't think the effort is worth the reward. If the frequency increases, then
the issue should be revisited. 

If we do decide this problem merits action...

A simple solution would be to restrict posts to subscribers of the lists
(-questions could be an exception). Another simple solution (if we are using
mail filters) is to designate a group of people as spam watchers. When they
spot a spam they forward it to a special addres ( i.e. [EMAIL PROTECTED]),
which then includes it in some sort of filter recipe.

The disadvantage of such a scheme is that only subsequent spams from the 
poster or containing the same (body|header) are filtered. That is, the spam
gets through to th list the first time. The advantage is that this whole process 
is only triggered when a spam is spotted. The other solutions have the 
disadvantage of being triggered on every post or every post by a non-subscriber.
I would venture to guess that most non-subscriber posts are legitimate. Besides,
most people are too busy to take on moderator roles.

Although this solution obviously provides less than 100% spam free lists, I 
think it will prove itself pretty effective because I've noticed that
most spams get sent to the list more than once-- the recent "Linus Torvalds..."
spam comes to mind.

Ok, my 2 cents worth has gone on too long :-)


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