Timothy Aslat wrote:
> Hi All,
> Quick question.   Where would I find information on downgrading a
> I'm just trying to avoid doing a reinstall and re-setup from scratch.

THis belongs on -questions.

In general, you can boot from a CDROM of the version you
want to downgrade to, choose "upgrade" from the sysinstall
menu, and then proceed to "upgrade".

It will not install your sources for you (you will have to
do that manually).

You may also have a number of issues with configuration file
data, though it should leave libraries and other things intact.

The only other things that should be able to go wrong are any
libraries in developement that have not had their version numbers
bumped for interface changes, and the boot blocks, which you
can deal with by manually reinstalling via the "holographic
shell" via a manual run of "disklabel -B" using the installed
files by specifying the path to them, prior to the reboot.

FWIW, I have, in practice, "upgraded" a large number of -current
machines from an October 2000 snapshot to a 4.3-RELEASE CDROM
version, with no problem, if locally booted, and with some
effort when doing the upgrade from an NFS mounted CDROM over
the network (mostly, SSH problems with the pam.conf files
when the SSH changed to need explicit pam.conf entries, and not
using the generic entries if the SSH ones were missing, as the
PAM design documents with which SSH does not comply indicate
you should do...).  You also have to run the sysinstall from
the CDROM, which is not on the CDROM itself, and is hidden in
the boot images -- and must be named "sysinstall", because it's
a crunched binary.  The only other issue is that you must
manually copy ove /dev/MAKEDEV and /dev/MAKEDEV.local, and run
"sh MAKEDEV all" to get the /dev/random set up correctly, but
all this can be done prior to the reboot.

-- Terry

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