Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> FWIW, modern -CURRENT's should be able to downgrade to -STABLE
> without problems.  If it's broken, please let me know, and I'll
> fix it.  I mean "if it WILL be broken", as tonight's -CURRENT
> has successfully built -STABLE.  Didn't test the `installworld'
> part, but I don't believe there are any problems with it.

Config file changes are still a problem: they won't be
reflected back, due to version changes (if any).  There
were a number of problems with /etc/pam.conf compatability
and OpenSSH v1 vs. v2 and already generated certs needing
to be regenerated as a result, last time I went back to 4.x
from a 5.x.

The MAKEDEV problem is more pronounced moving from -current,
since -current has devfs.

My recommendation would be *against* using "makeinstallworld",
since with a CDROM approach, the devfs isn't mounted on /dev,
so the devices get made correctly (devfs would also throw a
wrench into the NFS mounted CDROM approach I talked about
before; sorry).

As I said before about boot blocks: all bets are off: I have
no idea whether or not they are capable of booting older
versions of the code correctly any more; there have been
some recent problems because of some changes, and because of
a bzero that Alfred was rumored to have lost from Jon Mini
and James Harris' contributions toward an updated FORTH-based
"nextboot"... ;^).

-- Terry

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