Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> Um, what do you mean by "config file changes"?  Of course
> you can't use stock 5.0-CURRENT config files, it's clear.
> As for config(8), it's in bootstrap-tools, and shouldn't
> be a problem.  Buildkernel works fine here.

Configuration files, like /etc/pam.conf.  For example, if you
move from a version that has no "ssh" lines to one that has
(requires) them, ssh will suddenly stop working.

If you've generated machine key files (happens, the first time
you boot, from /etc/rc, if ssh is enabled), then you change
key generation versions, you have to manually delete the key
files, or ssh quits working.

If you have a /dev directory that was created with device
nodes, and you change between versions of FreeBSD that have
different major/minor for /dev/random, ssh quits working
and complains about a library not containing crypto code,
even though that's not really the problem.

(OK, you could portray this more as "ssh sucks", but the
principle works with other programs).

> > The MAKEDEV problem is more pronounced moving from -current,
> > since -current has devfs.
> I avoid these problems by installing with DESTDIR=/STABLE.  :-)

That works, if you have a seperate parittion for it, and
can mount it up.  It gets ugly at boot time, if you aren't
a FORTH hacker, though... 8^p

[ ... evil boot blocks ... ]
> Perhaps the following would be safe:
> 1)  You copy your /, /var, and /usr holding disks.
> 2)  You mount copies to /mnt.
> 3)  You ``installworld'' and ``installkernel'' with DESTDIR=/mnt
> 4)  You install 4.x bootblocks (from /mnt/boot) to /mnt

Yes, this would work, assuming you had different DOS partitions
for /mnt and /, so you could have seperate space for the disklabel
and boot blocks.  I've used something similar to this myself.

There's a lot of work that could be done in this area to make
FreeBSD more friendly to the casual developer who wanted to
spend time pounding code rather than learning the intricacies
of "how to do `magic' disk layout", and was willing to build
word and install from sources.

It's actually a lot easier to just do it from CDROM, if you
can trust the boot blocks (big "if", until someone drags their
PC up on the altar and tries it... 8^)).

-- Terry

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