I just upgraded to -current today to get a couple of 
features including devfs working.  In the process I 
have run into a few questions (mainly things to do with 
the fact that up until a few days ago I was only using 
linux 2.4.x):

1) Will either the in kernel or oss sound driver for an 
SBLive! in FreeBSD be updated to allow multiple 
accesses to /dev/dsp at the same time and time in the 
near future?  I know that the oss driver 
have /dev/dsp1..7 or so but they still seem to not like 
having multiple accesses to any of them at the same 
time.  In linux both the oss/free and alsa drivers 
fully supported playing multiple (I know I had tried up 
to six at a time before) streams to /dev/dsp 

2) Will frame buffers for eithe VESA or more 
specifically radeon be added and/or documented any time 
soon to use a frame buffer at a reasonable resolution 
for the virtual consoles?

3) Will USB keyboards work as the system console 
keyboard any time soon, right now I can't seem to get 
my Sun Type 6 USB keyboard to work even though it shows 
up in dmesg.

4) Is there anyone actively maintaining dri for XFree86 
on FreeBSD, I couldn't get my Radeon 7500 to work with 
dri using a fresh pull of XFree86 CVS, so I ended up 
making a trivial patch to allow my Radeon to be 
detected and set up.  But this led me to notice that 
there have been one or two performance and lock up 
related changes to the linux kernel dri code and 
wondered whether these fixes would ever make it to 

5) In -current would it be possible to have a few 
command line switches added to certain userland 
utilities?  I noticed -h made it into `ls` now, but 
`cp` still doesn't have -a or -x which I used to use 
all the time in Linux.  I know -a isn't a big deal but -
x was definitely nice from time to time.  `date` having 
a --date option to tell you when a specified date is in 
Linux is also very nice.  Just some thoughts.

6) I have found the pages for hardware monitoring 
support in the FreeBSD kernel and have a few questions 
about it: Will the updated code which supports newer 
AMD and VIA monitoring chips be rolled into -current 
soon?  And if so what userland utility does one use in 
FreeBSD to pull values from the driver like lm-sensors 
does for Linux?

Thanks if anyone can help me figure out answers to any 
of the above questions or provide feedback on any of my 
comments.  So far I love FreeBSD and find it much more 
efficient and intuitive than Linux, keep up the good 
work.  Please Cc: me as I am not on this list yet.

Jordan Breeding

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