While I realize you can't emulate the switches on any command on any os, I
found a few "linuxism's" missing.

Eg: I find it illogical, that "route" can change, and also display the
route to a single host, but route can not display the entire route table.
In linux it is simply "route", in windows it is "route print", but in
FreeBSD it is "netstat -r"

It is simple to add an information "Sorry Dave, I can not do that. Try
netstat -r instead" for "route print" (I just did), or adding similar
information when no proper keyword is given.

Similarly on linux "netstat -ap"; the p gives the pid which has the
connection open. On FreeBSD, this option is not available, instead
sockstat provides similar (better; it shows the path to the command)

As the -p is not used for netstat, it could print "use sockstat instead".

It could help in heterogenious environments.

Or perhaps this would just start a slide down a slippery slope...

There is always diffence between commands on different os's.
Some are even "dangerous".

Eg. if you type "hostname -f" on a sun, you change the hostname to "-f"...


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