First off, you sent this to the wrong list.  Most of the questions you
bring up in here should have been directed at -questions.

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 09:22:08AM +0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>   I just upgraded to -current today to get a couple of 
> features including devfs working.  In the process I 
> have run into a few questions (mainly things to do with 
> the fact that up until a few days ago I was only using 
> linux 2.4.x):
If you are new to FreeBSD, -CURRENT might not be a wise place to start.

> 1) Will either the in kernel or oss sound driver for an 

> 3) Will USB keyboards work as the system console 
> keyboard any time soon, right now I can't seem to get 
> my Sun Type 6 USB keyboard to work even though it shows 
> up in dmesg.
If you have both a PS/2 and USB keyboard, you need to make use of
`kbdcontrol -k`.

> 4) Is there anyone actively maintaining dri for XFree86 
> on FreeBSD, I couldn't get my Radeon 7500 to work with 
See /usr/ports/graphics/drm-kmod or

> 6) I have found the pages for hardware monitoring 
> support in the FreeBSD kernel and have a few questions 
> about it: Will the updated code which supports newer 
> AMD and VIA monitoring chips be rolled into -current 
> soon?  And if so what userland utility does one use in 
> FreeBSD to pull values from the driver like lm-sensors 
> does for Linux?
I've got /usr/ports/sysutils/xmbmon/ working perfectly with my setup.

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