David O'Brien wrote:
> > After the latest binutils import, attempts to cross-compile
> > Alpha fail at the cross-tools stage of buildworld as shown
> > below.  Please also note sed(1) complaints about nonexistent
> > ldscripts/ files.  I suspect that "normal" alpha worlds may
> > be broken as well, but I can't tell for sure.
> I am sure it probably is.  There is a lack of developers using -current
> on Alpha's that progress on i386, IA64, x86-64, and sparc64 cannot be
> held back.  I will fix the Alpha problems when I get a chance, but it may
> be a week.

I know: add cross compilation for Alpha to your regression
on i386, IA84, x86-64, or sparc64, and that will catcth
things like this in the future, without you needing to have
Alpha hardware, and without you orphaning it as a result of
your changes.

-- Terry

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