On 2002-01-30 23:22, Terry Lambert wrote:
> Peter Wemm wrote:
> > I dont suppose you actually thought to go and have a look and see what the
> > problem is yourself, rather than assigning the work to somebody else?
> Nope, sorry.
> I hear the latest binutils break Alpha cross compilation.  My
> fix is to back out the changes locally, and not use them.
> Basically, instead of fixing the brokeness, I chose to not
> break the fixedness.

This still *is* -CURRENT, right?  If it doesn't break, once in a
while, how will new things be tested by the -CURRENT userbase?
Instead of whining about "you broke it, and haven't fixed it" it would
be a far better thing to contribute patches that fix the brokenness.

- Giorgos

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