Matt Heckaman wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:
> : There's not even a "virc" equivalent to "vipw", that can do a
> : consistency check on the file to make sure it's "sourceable" by a shell
> : script, before permitting the edits to replace the valid contents, and
> : keep a backup of the previous file for you.
> Out of this entire thread, something I like! This would be a great idea.

Determining "source-ability" by sourcing is dangerous.

You would need to do a "chroot", or run it as a
non-priviledged user, for the purposes of testing, and
you would not be able to see some side effects, if the
file contained code, even then.

Also, people use "vipw" because if you don't, the database
doesn't get rebuilt.  There's no corresponding force to
make them use it for "virc".

All that aside, I'll admit that it would be better than
what's there.

But of course, that's more of a "Junior Hacker" than a
"Junior Annoying Hacker" task, and, really, what we are
trying to do here is raise up someone to compete with
Albert for number of complaints.  8-) 8-o 8-O }B^).

-- Terry

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