On Sat, 2002-02-02 at 05:59, Thomas Hurst wrote:
> Maybe some sort of hierachy would be good..
> /etc/rc.conf/services   # sendmail, bind etc
> /etc/rc.conf/security   # firewall, secure levels
> /etc/rc.conf/system     # library paths and other low level tweakables

SuSE Linux does this (/etc/rc.config for system-wide entries,
/etc/rc.config.d/* for specific subsystems).  It works fairly well aside
from having to run a program to propagate entries.  (Although that
actually is something of a feature, since there's almost always an entry
to tell SuSEconfig to leave the real files alone instead of propagating,
so you can run things the old way if you want or if you can't DTRT using
the rc.config entries.)

Also, I think they borrowed this setup from DU / OSF/1.

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