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On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:
: Determining "source-ability" by sourcing is dangerous.

Well, you said make sure it's "sourcable" -- not "source it" :)

: You would need to do a "chroot", or run it as a non-priviledged user,
: for the purposes of testing, and you would not be able to see some side
: effects, if the file contained code, even then.

Yeah, but we've also got a file edited by root and root alone, why would
root be trying to add all kinds of code in it? I think rc.conf will be
failing as it is if people add certain code in it, what do we lose?

: Also, people use "vipw" because if you don't, the database doesn't get
: rebuilt.  There's no corresponding force to make them use it for "virc".

You can rebuild the database manually *ducks* -- I know what you're saying
though, and I've used things similar to vipw for other daemon config files
that had no databases simply for the safety of checking syntax.

: All that aside, I'll admit that it would be better than what's there.

Yep :)

: But of course, that's more of a "Junior Hacker" than a "Junior Annoying
: Hacker" task, and, really, what we are trying to do here is raise up
: someone to compete with Albert for number of complaints.  8-) 8-o 8-O
: }B^).


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