"Brian T.Schellenberger" wrote:
> No, it's not, because it still maintains a separation between "system"
> control (rc.conf) and application control (/var/packges).
> It's more like config.sys or something . . .

Oh, ya got me!  Oh!  Oh!

Yeah... config.sys... MUCH better... 8-) 8-).

...actually, I'd point at the sendmail and natd and other
programs that can be replaced, and should probably be
"installer's choice", rather than being named by
application name in rc.conf.

You'd have a better argument if these things were named
by function, rather than by program name.

I think, also, that if you look at Windows XP, you'll see
that the per application data has been seperated into a
per application configuration space, to keep it from
breaking anything.  That's more like a ".Xdefaults".

I guess NIH beats an idea to death, even if the original
implementation bears no resemblence to the current one.


-- Terry

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