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Hi Terry,

> Who is a GTK hacker?

I've done some GTK programs in the past.

> Does someone want to write a "registry editor" program?
> The point of the program would be to edit the "FreeBSD
> Registry", rc.conf, and make it look just like the Windows
> Registry in the editor, using "_" as the implied path
> component/terminal component (key) seperator.
> Then we can all be honest with ourselves that the only
> difference between it an the Windows Registry is that
> the Windows registry is accessible/modifiable from
> kernel mode, and the path component and key names.
Are you really serious about this? :) I've thought about that many
times, well, not with the registry paradigm, but some sort of graphical
admin tool based on GTK. I'm doing exams this week but may take a go at
it after I finish them.

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