On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 01:30:53AM +1030, Mike Gratton wrote:
> > However, I have previously thought that a system that used xml files to
> > store application configs (that would then be used to generate valid conf
> > files) would be useful.
> I was on the verge of doing so the other day. Basically, I wanted to 
> have standard configuration data describing the network, services and 
> service configuration stored in XML and use XSLT to produce which-ever 
> config files you need. You then introduce some inheritance and allow 
> configuration to be overridden for particular hosts, subnets, networks, 
> and/or platforms, and you have a powerful site-wide configuration 
> management tool.

Great minds and all that:


I'm going to try and do a 5 minute 'Work in Progress' on this at BSDCon
next week if anyone's interested.

Feel free to take that as a starting point.

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