%s wrote on %.3s, %lld Sep 1993

> > Could it be due to the DDB, INVARIANTS & WITNESS options in the
> > kernel?  If it is that's fine with me, I'm just wondering where
> > that magnitude of a slowdown would be coming from.

> WITNESS can really hurt.  Quite possibly I should turn it off in GENERIC now (I

Hmmm, a few weeks ago I did some totally unscientific testing, noting
that -current was much slower than -stable, by playing an mp3 with an
optimized `mpg123' on a 75MHz pentium machine, where the difference was
far more obvious than on a faster machine.

I suspected that WITNESS and similar goodies might be a problem, and
even composed a lengthy message wondering about it, but what really
got me wondering was the fact that -stable had far less idle time than
the same hardware running NetBSD-current, so that I could do `useful'
work under NetBSD while playing an mp3 cleanly, but such was difficult
with FreeBSD-stable and impossible with -current.

However, I suspect that such a question is more on-topic in -hackers
or even -stable than here, but I'm wondering if I should extract any
useful info from the message I composed but never sent, and post my
kernel config and ask if there's anything obvious in there that would
explain why FreeBSD's mpg123 takes ~60% CPU and NetBSD's ~30% (vs the
~90+% usage by -current)...

Oh, I'll try rebuilding -current Real Soon^W^W later today, without
WITNESS, and compare, just to stay on-topic for this list.

barry bouwsma

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