On Wednesday 06 February 2002 06:10, Garance A Drosihn wrote:

[performance complaint snip]
> Could it be due to the DDB, INVARIANTS & WITNESS options in the
> kernel?  If it is that's fine with me, I'm just wondering where
> that magnitude of a slowdown would be coming from.

I would think so (iow, those are the biggest culprits). There are also some 
other issues (wrt locking and probably some other stuff) but they are 
bearable. I am running a PII 400 with 64 MB with CURRENT, it mighn't be the 
fastest now, but at least it works. I have been stresstesting the damn thing
(as in, run lots of (relatively) useless services on there like icecast, and 
more ;-) and it is still holding. So far so good. The performance is low? 
Didn't notice that (but do keep in mind I'm happy with very little :-). It's 
not even buckling under a constant load avg of between 1.something and 
3.something and 200+ procs running at all times... No dataloss yet. Very good.


> I'm just looking for a basic idea of what other people have been
> seeing for performance when they run current.

My performance is okay from what I expect of it. Of course I have DDB, 
INVARIANTS and WITNESS options on (to provide better info for the developers 
when it crashes for some unexplainable reason). If you are planning to do 
'production' (mind the quotes) stuff with CURRENT, I suggest you could strip 
those. But beware, you are on the bleeding edge here :-)

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