On 06-Feb-02 David O'Brien wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 01:02:34AM -0500, John Baldwin wrote:
>> WITNESS can really hurt.  Quite possibly I should turn it off in
>> GENERIC now (I wouldn't mind if someone else did that.)
> I think it should stay.  Especially as we are not getting much usage in
> -CURRENT.  If we turn it off by default, it should come back on 3 mo.
> before 5.0-RELEASE for testing.  (and yes off for the actual release).

I guess.  Note that you can use a loader tunable 'debug.witness_watch' to turn
witness off from the loader.  If it's set to 0 witness won't be used even if
it's compiled into the kernel (just a general FYI, witness(4) documents this as


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