> : How many MB does your flash card where you're installing
> : FreeBSD have on it?
> I've installed a subsetted FreeBSD onto a 8MB CF card.  For normal
> FreeBSD (as oppsoed to pico), the smallest amount of space you need is
> about 6.9M, and that can be stripped down to about 5M with compression
> and custom rc files with network stuff.
> However, to do a standard install, the minimal installation takes
> about a 128M 196M part (but I haven't tried it lately).

I've got 4.5-PRE pico on a floppy that boots on a 486/66, but it's
*really* tight (<10k available).  If I login to the box remotely and try
to run anything, it kills the login process so it's pretty useless.

With another 4-8MB of memory, the box would actually work pretty well as
a dedicated wireless firewall/router/snooper.  For now, it works pretty
good as a wireless router/simple packet filter. :)


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