Terry Lambert writes:
 > I don't think Joe is debating; I think he wants to have a
 > meta-discussion about what the problem space looks like,
 > before submitting patches that light up his little corner,
 > and dark up everything else.

Thank you, Terry.  Maybe I need to bring up the issue on -arch?  Where
is it possible to have design discussions without getting slapped down
with the "submit a patch or shut up" attitude?  I personally work by
doing design first, or at least getting to the point where I understand
the problem before tackling it in an incremental design/build cycle.
Maybe someone can point out the design documentation for the whole
complex mk hierarchy and/or for the design behind the importation of gcc
and other GNU stuff into the source tree.  Or maybe the design is the

I appreciate your offer of assistance, Terry.  I will take your last
pointer into the make files and see what I can deduce on my own.


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