David O'Brien writes:
 > On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 05:47:07PM -0800, Joe Kelsey wrote:
 > > What is so hard about allowing someone to specify the list of frontends
 > > to provide at system build time?  I thought that gcc was supposed to be
 > > a modular compiler system, and that all we are asking for is the ability
 > > to add to the default front ends, along with the default support
 > > libraries, in the default places.
 > Uh Joe... WhereTF is your patch to do this?
 > My or your MTA seems to have deleted it.

This is the atypical, smug, "I'm a committer and your're not" attitude
that permeates so much of the upper echelons of the FreeBSD team.  It
really makes me sick that people seem to prefer to throw out useless
comments like this instead of giving actual answers to valide questions.

I believe that Terry has already pointed out several of the places in
the Makefile system that prevent anyone from reinstalling gcc over the
top of the standard one.  His comments were helpful and succinct.
David's comments are unhelpful and terse.  Quite a difference in
attitude.  And you wonder why it is so hard to get new volunteers.

David has made it quite clear to me in the past that he is absolutely
not interested in anyone else ever touching the gcc port in the base
system.  I have no desire to do anything when faced with such an

This is a discussion of general principles.  After settling the debate,
*then* it is appropriate to ask if anyone would like to work on the
issues.  Then, I may or may not try to generate patches.

Thanks for your helpful and pleasant comments David.


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