--- Terry Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Works fine in FreeBSD, but to have a FreeBSD with the NSS,
> which is required for pam_smb, you have to run -current,
> since NSS is not supported in -stable or -release.

Hi Terry,

According to the pam_smb webpage, it states that it works cleanly
with FreeBSD 3.x onwards, so I will have to try it out anyway. BTW,
what is NSS?

> The are NSS patches listed ina PR against 4.4 which should
> apply cleanly to 4.5, if you wanted to use it in 4.5-release.

Cool!, Thanks for the tip. :)

> Didn't you ask this question the other day on -hackers?

hmm, nop. :)


  -- Hiten

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