Hiten Pandya wrote:
> According to the pam_smb webpage, it states that it works cleanly
> with FreeBSD 3.x onwards, so I will have to try it out anyway. BTW,
> what is NSS?

Network Security Services; supposedly it's required, according
to the web page where you grab pam_smb from, but that
could just be because of the WINS name services.  I don't
run a large enough Windows network to see the problem
(I don't run a WINS server at all, nor a domain controller/
master browser).

FWIW, I was under the impression that it was needed to find
the domain controller to find out where to get the SMB
passwords validated.

There are actually better Samba people on these lists; I
personally would have asked in -questions.

There appear to be FreeBSD-stable ports for both pam_smb
and nss, FWIW, if you are willing to run -stable.

-- Terry

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