Max Khon wrote:
> > > According to the pam_smb webpage, it states that it works cleanly
> > > with FreeBSD 3.x onwards, so I will have to try it out anyway. BTW,
> > > what is NSS?
> >
> > Network Security Services; supposedly it's required, according
> Name Service Switch

Uh... This is not what the FreeBSD NSS port claims in the
package description file:
] Network Security Services (NSS) is a set of libraries designed to support
] cross-platform development of security-enabled server applications.
] Applications built with NSS can support SSL v2 and v3, TLS, PKCS #5, PKCS #7,
] PKCS #11, PKCS #12, S/MIME, X.509 v3 certificates, and other security
] standards.
] WWW:


Yes, UNIX suffers from acronym overload... if someone had
said "NSS" in the context of something else, I would have
immediatly thought it was referring to the same thing you
did, FWIW...

-- Terry

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