> ] WWW: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/pki/nss/

So, just to clarify for the sake of the archives, the two NSS have not a
lot in common. The NSS thing allegedly needed for Samba is only in
-CURRENT AFAIK and has no ports. Some people already said earlier that
FreeBSD's NSS implementation (see /etc/nsswitch.conf and its man page)
leave things to be desired. Look under the archives with "nsswitch.conf"
as your keyword.

The "other" NSS that is the port quoted above, is actually the crypto
services library from the Mozilla project (as the www.mozilla.org
reference could have made it blindingly obvious:-) which builds on top
of NSPR (also in the ports:-) and provides security services to the PSM
module of Mozilla/NS6 (the above two acronyms stand for Netscape
Portable Runtime and Personal Security Manager, respectively). It could
also be used for your own programs, however, provided that the licensing
suits you.

And yes, acronym overload is rampant:-) probably because namespace
pollution is a common problem in programming:-)


Szilveszter ADAM
Szombathely Hungary

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