robert garrett wrote:
> Could someone tell me where documentation concerning the
> use of perforce and or, how to gain access to is located?

> Up until very recently I was not aware of it's existence.
> This would make it very difficult for someone new to the
> Project to contribute.

To contribute to a seperate branch other than the main line
branch, yes.  You'd have to join the mailing list for the
side project in question (e.g. SMP), and learn about it
that way).

Effectively, all it provides is a place for people to
collaborate, and to gather in force in favor of a commit
to the CVS repository.

You could get the same effect from a small group working
with a shared CVS repository, and having their code show
up full blown, but this way, it at least happens under
the umbrella, and therefore theoretically the oversight,
of the project.  It's also much easier to keep up to date,
since CVSup pretty much hates local branches with merges
to HEAD.

> It seems to my line of thinking that the existence of a repository
> That is undocumented, that is used for major development proccess's
> Breaks our development model.
> Further enhancing the "Elite" attitude that is so often proscribed
> To BSD* developers.

Actually, the P4 repository has a lower barrier to entry
than the CVS repository -- which is one of the main reasons
people choose to use it.  It overcomes an inherent weakness
in the developement model.

The real issues that need to be addressed are the underlying
issues that cause people to move to P4 in the first place.

-- Terry

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