On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 05:00:37PM -0600, robert garrett wrote:
> Could someone tell me where documentation concerning the
> use of perforce and or, how to gain access to is located?
> Up until very recently I was not aware of it's existence.
> This would make it very difficult for someone new to the
> Project to contribute.

You have read too much into the use of Perforce.  It is a useful tool to
some, and there is nothing wrong with people wanting to use a tool that
handles merges much better than CVS does.

Have you ever had a local change in /usr/src and had ''cvs up'' make a
TOTAL mess of it?  Or maybe done a vendor import into /usr/src/contrib
and then tried to do a ''cvs co -j -j'' and seen just how totally
idiotically STUPID CVS's merging can be?

This is the problem space that some are using Perforce for -- because it
can handle merges (integrations) more sanely.

Thus there is nothing wrong with the _personal_ use of Perforce by some

> It seems to my line of thinking that the existence of a repository
> That is undocumented, that is used for major development proccess's
> Breaks our development model.

My various local copies of the FreeBSD CVS repo where I do major
toolchain work in is also undocumented.  Since I have been using them for
the better part of 5 years, I really don't a local private repository
breaks our development model.

What is breaking it, is for users of Perforce to expect the rest of the
development community to use this tool also.  Perforce is really a side
issue of communication and collaboration in our development.  In this case
it boils down to one developer being told not to work on something
because another developer has a work-in-progress also in that area.
However the first developer felt that the work-in-progress was taking too
long and thus should not be an impediment to his development in the same

> Further enhancing the "Elite" attitude that is so often proscribed
> To BSD* developers.

No it isn't!  I don't give you access to my local hard disk.  Does that
make me "Elite"?

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