> I spent some time in the fall learning the NetBSD system
> (unfortunately I'm not running any NetBSD boxes at the moment or
> this would probably be a _lot_ easier), but have not really done any
> work. I thought some people were working on it, but not in the
> tree. I did not want to duplicate or conflict with work already done
> elsewhere.
> Is this project dead? Just lost momentum? Anyone still have interest
> in it? Is there anyone who really thinks we'll have switched to this
> by 5.0-RELEASE?

I'm about to dive into doing some work for an rc system for the ports
(${PREFIX}/etc/defaults && ${PREFIX}/etc/rc.conf) and have an interest
in learning about the way they've done things.  Does their paradigm
completely obsolete the rc.conf concept?  Were there any docs/project
pages regarding the RC effort that I could peruse for ideas? -sc

Sean Chittenden

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