: My feeling has always been that imposing some modicrum of structure is
: important: to avoid people stepping on toes, people can announce what
: they're working on, and expect that others might avoid replicating the
: work, or at least be communicated with before it happens.  The rationale
: for this lies both in efficiency (non-replication of work), and to avoid
: toe-stepping, since there's a natural notion of ownership over work done,
: and a desire to not see it discarded.  Perhaps this can't be supported in
: our environment.

In the past, we haven't been strictly a "first one past the post"
project.  We have rejected things as not being ready for inclusion in
FreeBSD all the time.  Jon Chen's Cardbus work was the second or third
effort that was presented to FreeBSD.  It was the first one
"acceptable" to those folks that took a look at it.  Sure, it had its
problems, but it was something that could be worked with and people
generally agreed that it was the direction we wanted to go.  The first
one that was presented worked as well, but there were some issues with
the direction that it took, so we didn't integrate it.  We had the
first CardBus implementation almost 9 months or a year before the
second one.

Of course, looking at the past to get precedent can be dicy, since
we've done many things right as a project and many things wrong. :-)


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