On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, George V. Neville-Neil wrote:

> > What I mean by "imposing structure" is:
> > 
> > - Identify patterns of development and structure that seem to have evolved
> >   naturally as part of the maturing of the FreeBSD Project
> > - Determine which patterns tend to result in the most productive and
> >   parallel development efforts, not to mention which are the most popular
> > - Selectively reinforce those patterns to improve the ability of
> >   developers to rely on the patterns
> This sounds fine to me but we're going to have to write it down
> somewhere and then discuss it.  This tossing ideas in the ether is not
> going to work because to refer back to earlier points we have to either
> have huge emails with everyone's comments in them, or constantly be
> reading the archives. 
> So, please, if you think this is important write down your
> findings/current beliefs somewhere (I think TWiki or something like it
> is perfect for this) and let everyone comment and modify them until we
> have an understanding.  Then lets figure out what structure we need and
> write that down as well.  Think of it as a FreeBSD constitution if you
> must, only much more lightweight. 
> You're obviously taking the lead here and that's fine, every project
> (and this discussion is really a project) needs a leader. 

Certainly -- the intent that I expressed in my original e-mail was to fish
for people's thoughts on the issue, which would then be codified in some
form.  I'm interested in hearing a little more back on how people feel
about the notion of how larger projects should coordinate work given the
assumption that "locks" are advisory, but plan to write up a strawman
sometime in the next week or so.  Probably the process forward there will
be to run the first pass by the core team for some immediate feedback
regarding the strength of the recommendations, and whether it meets our
goals concerning addressing the problems that have been discussed.  Then
I'll spit a copy out for more general comments.

> Yes, you read me correctly.  My mantra is, "Write it down." 

Something I've had in mind all along.  BTW, your writings are much
appreciated -- I hope to make the developer summit notes available in the
next couple of days (I'm currently at an Apple-hosted security conference
through Friday, when I'll get a chance to sit down with it over the

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