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            Matthew Dillon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
:     We have very different development models, and different priorities.
:     I'm not sure why you are attempting to impose your development model
:     and priorities on me.  This is the work I want to do.  It's my time
:     here, not yours, and if you believe that the work will make your job
:     harder in some future unspecified commit then you have only to bring
:     up the issue down the road when you are actually ready to work on
:     that future unspecified commit and we can work it out.  But I don't
:     think it's appropriate for you to impose such a strict set of requirements
:     based on work that does not exist in -current anywhere as far as I can
:     tell.

While your time is your time, it isn't your tree.  It isn't my tree.
The tree is a shared resource that we all must respect.  There are
times that it is reasonable to have restrictions on what can go into
the tree.  Since smpng is being coordinated amoung several developers
in the tree, there are some restrictions that may come with that.  I
think that such restrictions are reasonable and the price of doing
business in a shared resource.

I think that's a fundamental decision about the tree that has been
made that your development model is at odds with and the source of
much of the current dispute over commit or not to commit the changes.

In the past there have been a number of restrictions on what can and
can't go into the tree.  I needn't enumerate them here, but I will add
that there have been times where special restrictions were in place
that weren't in place at other times.  We're entering the glide path
to 5.0, so I would expect there to be more such restrictions coming
from the release engineer and maybe others as we move towards that

I'm not saying that your patches necessarily fall under these
restrictions, but I am saying that to assert that your time is yours
and therefore anything that you do can go into the tree is a false


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