At 10:17 AM -0600 3/8/02, David W. Chapman Jr. wrote:
>Yes. Recent changes to netinet/in.h have made it require the
>inclusion of arpa/inet.h. As well, arpa/inet.h must include
>netinet/in.h. IOW, each of these files must #include the
>other in order to work correctly.
>As you  might guess, this is a less than desirable situation.
>[A #includes B] and [B #includes A] is a very bad arrangement.
>However, unless both files are overhauled, that is what will
>have to happen.
>To say that this sucks is an understatement. [...]

>Since the problem is a large one, and any change will not
>happen without a reasonable amount of deliberation, I suggest
>you submit a PR with a patch for kdelibs source tree.

Mike Barcroft, Bruce Evans, and maybe a few others are working
on an update to about eight different include files which should
clear up many of these issues.  I think it would be very desirable
to get this include-file-cleanup patch committed before the snapshot
is done.  The present version of this patch clears up a lot of the
compile-time warnings that come up when doing a buildworld of
current, but it still isn't quite right.

If this current snapshot means more people will be running current,
then I'd hate to see them chasing after compile-time warnings which
are due to the present state of the system include files...

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